Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Simple Things

While discussing the new year with my husband the other day, I realized that I feel rather apathetic about it. Thinking back over the past year does not bring me much of a sense of accomplishment, and I really do not have anything to look forward to during this new year. Yes, I will watch my children grow and discover new ways that they can make me laugh. Yes, I hope to get more fit, read more, and more or less take better care of myself in both the physical and mental capacities. But I just don't feel like there is much around the corner in 2011. It's just more of the same. Now, I know that consistency is not a bad thing. I just really like change. I'm the kind of person who thrives on have something big to look forward to. I'm sure there will, of course, be all kinds of change in the coming year that I am unaware of at the moment. For now, though, I feel the need to reflect on all of the wonderful simple things that make my life happy.
  • My children
  • My wonderful husband who always forgives my bouts of insanity
  • A house to call home
  • A job with a decent income
  • Great friends
  • Good food and wine
  • A healthy family and health insurance
  • My new book club
  • A current library card with no holds on it
  • A (hopefully!) income tax return since we spent an arm and a leg on a new energy efficient furnace and air conditioner last summer (we have not had an income tax return the entire time we've been married)
  • Enough painting supplies to last me a while
  • Parents who love our children and will babysit them almost whenever we ask
  • Our YMCA membership
  • A possibility that we will be able to get out from under a large chunk of our debt this year
  • A Christmas Wii so I can play "tennis" almost any time I want
  • A newfound desire to write on this blog again (since summer, I pretty much felt compelled to write nothing for fear it would be a long string of complaints)
I am sure I am leaving things out of what feels like a What I am Thankful for Thanksgiving post. But I think it captures where I am right now at the beginning of this new year. Hopefully, next year, I'll be able to write about all of the wonderful unexpected adventures I have experienced in 2011. For now, though, I am more than satisfied.

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