Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today You Are One

It is hard to believe that at this moment one year ago I was lying in the hospital resting and feeling triumphant about your speedy and drug-free birth. I was probably breastfeeding you or just staring at you in awe. You were so perfect from your smushed little nose to your to your tiny toes, and I have never felt so alive as I did at that moment.

Today you are one year old, and I can hardly stand how fast this year has flown by. You have gone from a tiny 6 lb baby to one that seemed gargantuan to one who is now just right. You started out life as a dream of a sleeper but then turned on us and slept only sporadically, waking frequently and for long stretches each night. At one, you are finally settling into a better sleep routine and we thank you. We really thank you.

You were born a calm, sweet, and cuddly baby, and over the year you have not only remained so but have become even more sweet and cuddly. Your hugs can warm even the coldest person’s heart and your smiles can spread cheer to the grumpiest of souls.

You have yet to say any identifiable words and you still lack mobility on your feet. Just like your brother, you refuse to crawl in the traditional sense and instead scoot like an orangutan on your bottom with one leg extended and the other bent with your foot on the ground for support. You have one of the heartiest appetites I have ever seen in a baby. When we gave you your first real table food, you looked at us in a way that said, “Finally!” You eat almost anything we put in front of you, and you polish it off in record time. We are constantly amazed at how fast you eat. We put food on your tray, turn around for maybe ten seconds, and when we turn around again, POOF! The food is gone. I do not look forward to our grocery bill when you are a teenager.

When I watch you play with your big brother, I am delighted to see how in love you are with him. You love to touch him, follow him, and mimic him. You adore Charlie, and when he comes into the room, your face lights up and you smile. When he cries, you are genuinely concerned and will scoot back to his room to make sure everything is okay. I look forward to watching your relationship develop, and I hope that you will be best friends for life.

Henry, when I look at you now, I no longer see a baby. I instead see a little boy who is growing up way too fast before my eyes. I feel lucky to have been able to spend so much time with you this year, but I wish time could slow down, if not for only a little while, so I can enjoy you as a baby for a bit longer. But no matter what, you will always be my baby. Happy Birthday my sweet Henry!