Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Terribly Random

I am bummed about the Tigers losing the game last night. I thought the Professor was going to jump out of his skin during those last minutes of regulation. The OT was just painful to watch. What is it with those free-throws?

My boss just came in to the office fuming because there are 2 students protesting in the library that the college did not do anything to commemorate April 4. I know these students. They are bright, innovative, and have loads of passion. What I don’t understand is why they cannot see that the college does things throughout the entire year to honor Dr. King. And by the way, we did have a huge event on the morning of April 5 that honored Dr. King. Apparently, 10:00 on a Saturday morning is “not conducive to student schedules.” Whatever.

The Professor and I watched “The Mist” this weekend. This is a film based on a Stephen King novella. When the Professor brought it home, I was a little miffed because scary movies scare the hell out of me. I just couldn’t stand the thought of having to get up for my usual 4:00 a.m. pregnancy bathroom break and be confronted with fears of terrifying creatures looming around dark corners. Well, the movie wasn’t really scary at all, but it was very good. It had a lot of underlying themes that shed commentary on our government and society today. The end totally sucked, though. I won’t spoil it for you but after I watched the last 5 minutes, I was in tears of sadness and rage. I was completely dumbfounded and am still highly affected by this ending.

I told my husband yesterday that I was going to try to be careful about gaining weight during this pregnancy. I’m not off to a good start because
I just ate an entire cheese Danish from a vending machine – something I would never ever eat under normal circumstances.

We bought Charlie a pair of fake Crocs this weekend. We thought they might come in handy when he decides to romp in the giant mud puddles in our backyard (pictures to follow). They will definitely be nice when we head to the beach in June. Once we got them out of the bag, he pointed and said “New shoes! New shoes!” He immediately put them on and refused to take them off. He even insisted on sleeping in them. I’m glad he was willing to part with them for his bath.

Lately, Charlie has been calling the Professor and me by our first names. Last weekend at Target, we decided to split up to make the shopping go faster. The Professor and Charlie were off to fetch diapers, me to peruse the maternity section for some very soon to be needed swimwear (bad selection by the way). I went to our designated meeting place and saw my boys waaaay down at the other end of the store. Seconds later, I saw Charlie poking his head up and down every aisle yelling, “Caaathyyy!” It was so cute. My heart swelled up to the size of a beach ball.

I am still pondering the idea of a home birth for this next baby. I’m not sure if I am a viable candidate since I have had a premature baby. But, since my mother’s first born was premature and her mother’s first born was premature (and they, like me, are the second born in the family), and they both had normal pregnancies thereafter, I’m thinking that this one will be okay. If it’s premature, well, I guess I’ll have to go to the hospital. I think the Professor is wary and a little freaked out that I am even considering this, but something feels right about trying to give birth this way. My next step is a consultation to see if the local midwives will even consider working with me.

I am almost finished with school for the semester. It is killing me to always have an assignment looming over my head. After this semester, I only have to take one more class. And it’s in grammar, which makes me drool with happiness. I can’t wait to be finished and I so look forward to working in a job that I can feel good about. I know it will tiring and often grueling, but the more I work on the business side of things, the more I believe that teaching is the career for me.