Monday, November 27, 2006

Sit, Doggies, Sit

Yesterday, Charlie learned the art dog obedience. Give them treats and they will do almost anything! Here, we documented Charlie's fist attempts to feed the girls treats. Notice that not one, but both hands are resting delicately in each of the dogs' mouths. I don't think he quite comprehends that he has to actually let go of the treat; Roxy was almost ready to take his finger with it! I guess Charlie is accustomed to the sensation of his fingers feeling around a slobbery mouth. Needless to say, we had a babywipe and hand sanitizer standing by at the ready. Ick!


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Lafayette, Indiana. Charlie, Neal, Barbara (Gammy), and I headed north on Wednesday to visit Robyn and Seb.

We made a large feast for the five of us - turkey, stuffing, spinich casserole, potatoes, pumpkin pie, tiramisu torte and lots of wine. Everything tasted great and our turkey was suprisingly perfect! Charlie even got a little sampling of a Thanksgiving feast (baby style out of a jar of course!).

Charlie, of course, was the highlight of our trip. He was the happiest baby ever with all of the attention from his Gammy, Aunt Robyn and Uncle Seb (he especially loved Seb's goatee!). We ate too much, drank too much and had a superb time. And now, on to Christmas! Is it really only four weeks away?

No Pain, No Gain

I heard a startling and somewhat disheartening factoid on the news this weekend. Did you know that it takes one approximately 1 hour of running to burn off just one Thanksgiving meal? That's 6 10 minutes miles. Geesh! And that doesn't include the leftovers. I wish I would have thought twice about that second piece of pumpkin pie! But it sure was good!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Fall Pics

We took Charlie for a photo session in Memorial Park in hopes of catching the last of the colorful leaves. I think we had some success, but is sure was cold!