Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Snow Day

By 2:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon, I was finally convinced that we'd get our snow day. And, as predicted, the snow began falling steadily at about 6:00 p.m. Ahhh...the joy of the impending snow day. Another glass of wine? Why yes, I don'thave to get up in the morning. Watch something on late night t.v.? Why not? There's no reason to go to bed early. I slept in on our snow day until 8:30. 8:30!!! Sleeping that late almost feels like what sleeping until noon felt like when I was a teenager. It was glorious.

We spent our snow day like most other Memphians - walking around our neighborhood, making a snowman, and making our bellies burst with hot chocolate. We enjoyed meeting several of our neighbors on our walk. I even have a few sore muscles from shoveling snow and essentially doing endless repitions of squats while building two snowmen.

Two snowmen? Yes. Two. The first we built in our front yard. While putting the last nandina berry-button on our snowman, our neighbor, a seven year old girl I'll call E, came by and asked if she could help. Bummer. We just finished. E looked disappointed, so we offered to help build another snowman in her yard. E lives with her mom and newborn brother, both of whom would not come outside because of the cold weather. So, we decided to help her build her snowlady in her own yard. We even had it face a window so mom and baby brother could see.

Next up, snowball fight. I don't think E enjoyed that too much since Charlie has horrible aim. And by horrible aim, I mean he would try to aim for your back, arm, or leg but would inevitably smash the snowball in your face or the worst of all of the terrible places to be pelted with a snowball - the back of your neck. Aghhh! I hate when that happens. Just writing this makes me cringe thinking about the feeling of ice cold snow smashing me in the neck and then trickling down inside my coat, only to melt leaving me wet and chilled.

I finally suggested we go inside when I felt the aching cold in my toes and realized our clothes were almost soaked. Into the warm we went for a little hot chocolate therapy. No lie - hot chocolate is my favorite thing about winter. That and watching my boys giggle and play in the snow, all bundled up in their winter gear. I LOVE snow days.


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